Food Law

Food law is a complex and structured discipline that involves the whole food supply chain, and which it develops on two parallel platforms: the normative platform on the one hand, and the techno-scientific on the other hand.

It is in this context that our Firm exercises its consultancy activity, pursuing the deepening and the examination of the national and European, horizontal and vertical regulations to give its consultancy and juridical activity, with the specific support of scientific experts.

The extension of food law is traversal – it encompasses the principles of international, European, industrial, commercial and administrative law.
For this complex and articulated connotation, a notable ampleness of views is necessary, often sustained by the supply of expert professionals from the different disciplines.

The normative context is in constant evolution, and it requires a continuous updating and deepening of the normative evolution at national and European levels, keeping always account and aware of the importance of protecting the fundamental goods that this discipline wants to protect and guarantee. It is about a high level protection of human life and health, the protection of consumers’ interest, and ensuring the correct and transparent information reaches the consumer and the free movement of the internal market.

Based on these principles, the firm works on the production and presentation of the goods.

With regard to the criminal protection of these fundamental goods, the Firm assists companies in criminal trials regarding commercial and food crimes, laid down in the national criminal code and in the specific legislation. The assistance regards the preliminary phase of consultation and the representation in front of the judicial authorities in every state of the procedure.

The study represents and defends the companies in front of the ordinary judicial authority and the administrative authorities.

Taking into account the different disciplines that are intersected and it applied to the food business, the study assists the companies in identifying of the specific offices in the undertaking, and compiles the relative delegations of functions, in respect to the normative current dispositions and to interpretative jurisprudential lines.

The Firm can answer to the demands and requirements of the operator of the food sector, attending to them in their daily business choices and in the search of more opportune and suitable resolutions to problems that develop in the food and feed industrial context.