Industrial Rights

The Firm gives legal services on the industrial and intellectual property, with particular regard to the protection of trademarks and other distinctive signs, and on others competitive aspects.

Under these profiles, the Firm assists the companies, giving preventive consultation on the registration, the registrability, protection of the trademark in Italy and abroad, and on the different issues related to the legal protection of trademarks rights.

The Firm has developed a particular expertise in the field of parallel imports and in order to issues related to the principle of European and international exhaustion of trademarks rights.

To confront the possible controversies in this area, the study is present and defends the clients appearing before the judicial ordinary authority, the competition authority, the jury of the advertising self-discipline and other administrative authority.

In both lines of business, the study is used by, on a case-by-case basis, specialized professionals in disciplines that can be touched by the problems it faces and of the most accredited technical and scientific supply advisors in subject.