Law Firm

The law firm Studio Avvocato Andreis and Associati has dealt principally for more than forty years on industrial law with particular regard to the food industry.

Prof. Gianclaudio Andreis, head of the firm, was among the first to explore the matter both from an academic and professional point of view, providing assistance to several of the major food companies operating in Italy since the late ’60s .

The firm Studio Avvocato Andreis e Associati represents and defends companies in legal cases, including criminal trials, ordinary courts, the Italian Advertising Self-Regulatory Body, the Italian Antitrust Authority and other administrative authorities.

The firm assists companies giving advice on matters referring to the production, marketing and presentation of industrial products, specifically food and drinks, feed and dietary or cosmetic additives in respect of national and international rules and self-regulation. The firm also supports its clients in matters related to industrial safety, environmental safety and personal liability at work by helping companies devise organizational models, delegations of functions and proxy. .

In addition, through a referent based in Brussels, the firm is able to guarantee a constant watch and monitoring at the European level on developments of the subject, both from the normative and lobbyist point of view. In fact, the firm establishes contacts with institutions and with the stakeholders associations, at the national and European level with the aim to have a full awareness and knowledge of the different interests of the sector.